Why would the contraceptive pill have stopped working?

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lonny  asked the Naked Scientists:

Hi Naked Scientists,
Could you please explain something for me.... I just cannot find the answer and do not understand. Good Luck.
I have taken the pill for the last 10 years, microgynon and normin or something like that. Anyway I take it to stop me ovulating as I have a very painful time when I ovulate, plus the GP said I also suffer from IBS whilst ovulating. Don't understand how these two are related. Anyway the last 6 month the pill seems to have stopped working and I now ovulate have huge swelling from the IBS, how can this be when I am on the pill. I have tried three different pills and it has made no difference. Is there anything else I can do apart from having surgery to stop ovulating. I am 41 with two children, this all started the minute I had my first child who is now 10. I have been to the GP again, and she has taken bloods to see if I am having any changes in my hormones.

Please advise

What do you think?


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Why would the contraceptive pill have stopped working?
« Reply #1 on: 14/10/2008 20:18:33 »
Are you on any other presriptions? Do you take drugs, smoke or drink? Do you take any 'natural supplements'?

First thought that jumps to my head would be something interacting with the horomones and preventing them from working properly.

Sean Mahoney