Can a chemotherapy IM injection kill genital herpes?

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Can chemotherapy destroy the genital herpes virus?  Although chemotherapy destroys both good and bad cells and has serious side effects, if a person was willing to take the risk, why couldn't 1 injection of chemo directly into the sacral area kill the herpes virus?  Is this possible?



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Can a chemotherapy IM injection kill genital herpes?
« Reply #1 on: 27/08/2008 18:43:20 »
Others will be able to answer this more comprehensively as I am not a medical professional but generally speaking the key to success of any antiviral is its specificity.
Only by understanding the key steps in virus replication that might be inhibited can this be achieved. So the trick, as Sun Tzu says, is to "know your enemy" (The Art of War) and to clobber it by targeting a replication stage; but the drug must be more toxic to the virus than the host.
Unfortunately, many viruses have evolved their own specific enzymes to replicate virus nucleic acids at the expense of the host cell molecules but they often lack sufficient specificity in virus polymerases to provide a target for an antiviral agent - that said, it is currently the commonest line of attack.
Antiviral chemotherapy is marked by the paucity of clinically useful drugs available and then there is the added complication of drug resistance too.
I understand Acyclovir is commonly used against Herpes simplex infection and is relatively successful as resistance to it is less common because of the high fidelity with which the DNA genome of H simplex is copied.