Why do crisp packets and sweet wrappers make so much noise?

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V Magno

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V Magno  asked the Naked Scientists:

I love your show!  I've really learned a lot from it and find it very
entertaining.  Keep up the great work!

Something has been bothering me for years.  I occasionally like to sneak a late night snack from the kitchen and while I make every effort to keep the noise down so I don't wake anyone up, I find it
impossible to open a bag of chips (you call them crisps, right?)

Why is the typical snack bag so noisy when you're opening it?

On a related note, why does an ordinary sheet of paper make so much noise when you crumple it?  I suspect it has something to do with its stiffness since soft materials with the same dimensions are nearly silent when handled in a similar manner.  And finally, I wonder if
there is a market for quiet snack bags?

Vince Magno (not mango)
New Jersey

What do you think?


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Why do crisp packets and sweet wrappers make so much noise?
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Of course, there are actual studies on the noise of a candy wrapper!  [;D] [;D]

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