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« on: 29/01/2005 14:13:52 »

we wonder what mental illness is, the medical world calls it a biological disease but there has to be more to it than that,

The leopard family,

mum with her cubs she cares for them she makes their world safe, they play they do not fear mum is there to look after me, she feeds me plays with me I never feel any danger she is always around,

but as they get older where they have to fend for themselves mum needs to make a change in her cubs, they are skilful and fit but they are not mentally ready to survive they are to trusting, they can deal with anything smaller than them but there are a lot of things bigger than them that mum has either fought off or avoided through their kitten hood,

so what does she do?

She turns on them, she drives them away, the cubs cannot believe it why is she doing this to me?

she cannot just walk away and leave them, she has to hurt them,

blam, the schizophrenic reflex used to prepare them for the wild,

the cubs leave the parent, fend for themselves, their trust is gone the one thing that gave them trust was not trustworthy after all, what is then,

and off the cubs go searching, looking, surviving till they have cubs too,

the child we leave behind, the child state is a no/low fear state enlightenment/happiness from which we leave most to never return surviving, unless we are lucky, if only, the lottery,

what are we doing to our children this is an education problem not a medical one,

gulf war syndrome,

to be helpless to have no options to have no way out,

they are a subconscious mental states there are many ways to get there abuse and shock are but two,

by not realising what our actions/education have on our young and unborn children and even older or adults from peers,

educate our children,

do not medicate,

immunise against mental illness,

to teach a better way,

Occams razor to reality,

to cure by confidence

but this is only my personal opinion my psychology Iíve had to learn since age 5

And why is the definition of schizophrenia so important?

because it doesn't just affect our thoughts, it affects every system in our body,

social schiz'=aspergers

immune schiz'=allergies/auto immune

medicating people because science/medicine does not understand a disease because the science has a missing science of life leaving it in the position of having no mechanism to describe what schiz is. this does not help people who suffer, they have had to find out for themselves.

And i've not met one person with schiz who disagrees and can't add something themselves,

quotes about my work from suffers/friends with schiz'

'this is beyond good'

'beleive in your ability'

are we goin to leave these people on rediculous drugs when they can be cured?

i hope not, i shed a tear everyday for my friends and those like them and hope i can release them from there prison current science seems destined to leave them in,

ebzZzZ :)
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Re: 'schizophrenia'
« Reply #1 on: 29/01/2005 18:42:05 »
Schizophrenia is in 40% of their children and if both in the couple suffer from this then it is 90%. Seems to be inherent. It's becoming more common. It is more common in couples that break up. Stess and marijuana can start it off. It is a propensity. Some only suffer it in their nineties.



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Re: 'schizophrenia'
« Reply #2 on: 29/01/2005 19:08:29 »
schiz' is a reflex it's like being caught half way through a cough and getting stuck there learning trying to swallow reality whole because you perceive a threat from all reality, you are stuck in a reflex stuck in a learning poersonality a survival skill, you need to tackle the reality/memory that causes the learning state and reframe it or it stays in our subconcoius as the 'worst' it's ever been sitting there waiting to be triggered agin from life events that drag us back down a circular insanity to our worst experiences and relive them again everyday unless we are confident,

to cure by confidence,

is the NHS ready for this?

stop assuming the unknown is disease the naming of a reflex and survival adaptation is keeping people stuck in this state, we say it
is uncurable well it is, because we do not see the bigger quantum holistic process underlying all life, biology is a mechanistic language to describe moving aprts we see but no matter how small you go you do not find any processors or memeory or moving parts it has to come from somewhere else, the puppet master, you!

how we deal with change, how we see it and how it affects us is all different in each of us, just as fear is in the eye of the beholder so is helplessness,

basically how many options you had at that moment
in time, 'the death question' will i won't i a survival
reflex that gets stuck because we picture/remember things so well
because of our named language, this is why animals do not get schiz
because they function naturully like like with no fear the subconcious taking over through the skill learnt to either feed the animal or protect it the yin and yang if you like, we do not realise
we need a mammalian psycholgogy not a human one,we speak words names they are late aditions the system is mammalian, the child within from
when our lives changed the loss, most people are stuck in personalities surviving without realising this animal state they are sitting in because no one has ever taught any better and thought instead of asking the best way to teach we decide the scientific approach is to explore the learning system of life and us and find the best way for them to get on creatively for health and happiness through learning skills, to refuse to teach this way is to leave society in the mental health mess it is because you are not taught how to think healthily for yourself in school,

this is stupidity,

sorry [;)]

but i ain't just going to sit back and let this carry on kids babyies
peoples lives affected because they do not understand the consuences of shock on learning children babies and even the unborn, science needs a wake up call and put some creative imagination into things like einstein like tesla but these are teachable skills, do you want you child to not be a genius, the genius is purely in the method of
le component learning like einstein and tesla did, they were not special they had just found natures adaptaion process to further there dreams, storytelling thoughts experiments day dreaming, we try
and build quantum computers when not even thinking and realising we already are one if we can figure out the 'programming/psychology' we can put that to use whats more anyone can learn it just by following simple rules,

Freuds mistake was not realising the Ego is a skill, a survival
personality, learning, he was infact studying his own mild insanity,

"to act ego is fun, to be ego is annoying"

but I'm not bitter

i just learned alot [:)]

and the scores are

schiz 1 - 0 ego
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Re: 'schizophrenia'
« Reply #3 on: 31/01/2005 11:19:11 »

people suffer shock/trauma/abuse/severe infection, some have
to have councelling to bring them out of it, communicated
with talked out shown it's ok, what happens if this happens
to children before they can communicate, before they can
be reassured,

where are these children there must be some?

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Re: 'schizophrenia'
« Reply #4 on: 01/02/2005 12:21:20 »
A bit about me,

I had a nice childhood before i went to school, but i was
sheltered i did not interact with other children, i was not
ready for the nastiness of school, i hit me like a wall,

"what is this world, this is not the real world"

And since then i have been in a learning state delusions fear,
scared of not the world but the people in it,

so what did i do, i started trying to undo the mess of my thoughts
the school system left me in by not realising PSYCHOLOGY, it took
me 25 years to get from 5 to the happiest i've ever been in my
life, i write this so others do not have to suffer the life i've had
ride, learning watching observing human nature, all this time my
education slipping, not because i wasn't clever but because my
subconcious was to busy trying to 'survive' this world, i got my
GCSE's some A levels and went to university which i was not ready

then i realised "who are these people to upset me"

I removed the hatred the fear and what was i left with?

"a non-deterministic turing machine"

I'd left the fear behind but i still had the intelligence, so at 30
years old i put it into practice, i used the creative power of my
delusions and turned my day dreaming into a process,

To be a storyteller,

It's all I want to be because it's all i need,

anything more is your life,

Intelligence is a skill,

when will the world realise?

well i hope i can stop any more children going through
the same path i have, i could teach what i know now to
a 3 year old, and they would make themselves intelligent
if we had an education system that thought about the pupils
and not about, well i really do not know what there aims are
because it certainly not creating healthy creative pupils,

Humangivens psychology,

where teachers are also councellors/storytellers,

use our instinct to learn, not the threat of failure as a
metaphorical 'cane',

to teach a better way,

and maybe our children now won't face the life i have had
to have, which would have had me in a home if it wasn't for
the care of my family, they never gave up on me just like i
will not give up on other children set to lead a life my way
because of ignorance of our education system,

this has just begun,

me i'd just like a chance to do my psychology degree,

and carry on skating/windsurfing/snowbaording
like i have since age 5,

ebzZzZ :)
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Re: 'schizophrenia'
« Reply #5 on: 01/02/2005 12:53:40 »
hypothesis for the voices,

(I am working on this at the moment, never
havin voices this i am working on with people
who have to road test the theory)

When we become desperate with hatred our body gives us
ideas, but we are different from the animals they see in pictures
we think with a voice,

in the wild if an animal has to kill it's subconcious will issue a
command to kill, we are civilzed but our intelligence is still
built on top of this mammalian psychology, we hate/see people
getting in our way in life if we are desperate enough your
voice/ideas/thoughts will/may start telling you to do something about it, hearing your thoughts telling you to kill someone because you 'wished' to get them out of the way,

but we are beleif driven, so it only takes a change in beleif for the patient to think the voices are not 'theirs' basically because we have a named disease schizophrenia only named because we do not know what it is,

to change your beleif that the voices are yours because they are saying things you will not do,

it turns saying "i will get/kill him"


"kill him"

purely because you have changed the program or split the program,
by changing your beleifs about where the voices come from, like
MPD and alien hand, identifying them as seperate,

the voices then adapt, you have to remove hatred and fear to reabsorb
the offending personality and reframe the offending personality,

It is purely a cure by care and confidence,

This is the future of psychology because all mental illness is a form or milder form of schizophrenia,