How Come These Raspberries Are NOT Raspberry Coloured ?

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Dear Blowers of and Eaters Of Raspberries,

see these Raspberries that are now en route to my tummy ?


nice eh ?

notice how non-raspberry coloured they are ?

Why's that then ?...They are called Golden Raspberries (for obvious reasons) and I have to say I did not think they tasted any different than your regular bog standard raspberry. Perhaps a little less sweet. I do have another punnet and will enjoy those on the morrow and will report if they taste different to the ones I've just enjoyed!

A couple of raspberry related questions if I may indulge ewe.

How do they make them that colour ?

Is the goodness that is within the red raspberry now missing ?..(this is particularly relevant as part of my ongoing health regime I have been told to eat specifically the red berries (because of their antidioxidant content)

Whajafink ?


Hugs and shmishes !

Raspberry Relisher

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How Come These Raspberries Are NOT Raspberry Coloured ?
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I love Golden Raspberries.. They are so good. My sister has a couple bushes and they are delish... for some reason they don't fall apart as easily as the red ones.. I am not sure why the red have more antioxidants but I love them both but I think there is a tad difference in flavor to my notion..not as strong as a regular red, kind of a mellow milder flavor yet sweeter then the red.. I can't explain it but there is.. They are all wonderful though! Ours here can get more orange then golden yellow.. but they are scrumptious and really good for you.. Some of the golden ones can actually be harvested twice in one year. We raised raspberries for years..

 Most of the red ones were originally hybrids.. there are many different varieties, they are all good. Some grow better in different zones and are hardier with the proper care and maintenance will keep blooming yearly if properly trimmed and runners cared for.
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How Come These Raspberries Are NOT Raspberry Coloured ?
« Reply #2 on: 16/09/2008 15:28:01 »
Ooer, I've not come across these before. Golden raspberries, golden tomato, whatever next. It makes you wonder what the genuine original must have been like before man hybridized them. Look at the good old British Spud, it's now a far cry from the potato jolly old Sir Walter Bicycle brought back from his holiday in the new world.

I like Loganberries and Raspingberries, they make the bestest summer pud. Mmmmm Yummy.
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