Adaptation disorders

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Adaptation disorders
« on: 31/01/2005 13:52:07 »
reclassification of ALL mental illness to adaptation disorders

(if you pardon my dyslexia this is in progress for publication)

Adaptation disorders

when we suffer a shock/change we did not expect, or even one we did but were not prepared for,

the schizophrenic/instinctive reflex fires to keep us alive,

the severity of the shock depends on the reality change,

ie what reality you were coming from, what reality you have moved to, who/what caused the reality change

the big 3, relativity,

the relativity between your past your future and what caused the change,

“before to after”

“what you knew then and what you do know now”

“the separation”

It is how you perceive change from your experience and the change it self that decides how severely you suffer from reality change,

“Like fear is in the eye of the beholder, helplessness is in the eye of the beholder,

when something attacks you, you want to learn about it, problem is when the thing that’s attacks is close to you your subconscious thinks it has to learn everything all over again because if something you thought/believed was rock solid in your life is not,

what else is?,

so our subconscious sets off learning/adapting/fearing to this new perceived reality/world, problem is when family attacks and you are still in there presence the learning/adapting continues,

we would not force a car crash victim to drive again, so why are we leaving our children as victims?,

because we do not realise we can educate this out of society,

live worms weigh more than dead ones, they even increase in weight just before they die as they try to solve the death question, to be near death is a body reaction

to have no options, to be helpless, to have no way out, to live your past till your happy again,

the death question,

to cure by care by knowing what care is,

no confidence,


The crash

“our driver and passenger are in a car late at night driving in bad weather, the passenger is asleep, they come to a bridge over a big river, a lorry skids in front of them the driver takes evasive action hits the wagon careers across the carriageway his car hit another car goes over the railings into the icey water below and sinks to the bottom, all the time the passenger has gone from being asleep to being knocked unconscious, so our unlucky two are sinking to the bottom of the river, by an amazing coincidence the driver has a divers air supply on the back seat, the car is full of water now, but our driver is brave, he know he has the ability/option to live he has the air tank, so he bravely breathes using the air tank but he isn’t goin to leave his friend behind, he drags his friend out of the car and upto the surface luckily a passing boat seen the whole thing comes along and rescues our brave driver and still unconscious passenger, they are rushed to hospital the passenger is resuscitated and driver suffers exposure and severe shock,

Now our driver after the experience may never drive/get in a car again, be scared of wagons, the cold may give him flashbacks, but our passenger wakes up in hospital not remembering anything, if no one told him would he fear? the driver will remember the incident for the rest of his life, the passenger will probably be thankfull he doesn’t remember,

But they were both in the same danger, the passenger more cause the driver saved him,


“experience is everything”

reality changers

1.   abuse          (friends/family/strangers)
2.   Physical trauma       (accident/crash/drown/etc.)
3.   Viral/Bacterial       (another quantum whole)
4.   thinking/rumination    (including the death question)
5.   Peer pressure      (friends/family/others)

schizophrenia caused by   (1,2,3,4,5)
depression caused by       (1,2,3,4,5)
Alzheimers caused by      (4,?)

Bi-multi polar/reality
living in skills/personalities/experience/memories using the past to act from not learn from)

as personalities/skills adapt/learn they become more prominent, MPD is believing these skills are separate
DID is where you withdraw refusing to live in these separate identities, true withdrawn shiz, self realised in the sufi sense,

Animals do not get schizophrenia?

no animals are schizophrenic,

subconscious/OCD with skills and trust,

“a cat lives on it’s instincts, they just do it”


Schizophrenia is a reflex in life,

Fight or flight,

a defensive get me out of here,

Cats are very self realised, confidence in there skills, the schiz reflex to get them out of trouble when they need,


Autism, (1,2,3,4,5)
We think in pictures/patterns, our speech and our words are skills added on top of this visual based pattern system, babies are fully aware of their surroundings a long time before they have any language and names. to withdraw through shock before they can be communicated with is obviously not very good,

“they live in a different world, like the animals”

here I think the key is people like “Derren Brown” using these skills and others I think it will be possible to bring them out of the state,

They are scared!!!,

hopefully we will be able to bring them out of this state like the rare “savants”,

“reality building with these new tools/skills”

Alzheimers (4,?)
caused by the death question? again down to one option

“what happens when I die?”

if you have no faith or “shaky faith” your subconscious is left to process an incomputable problem this side of the question, because you do not know the answer,

another type of destructive schiz?

here a change in belief is needed to stop/slow the computation process, something like,
“you are going to die anyway so thinking about it And messing yourself up will just make the time shorter and unpleasant”

Lonelyness is a killer,


Old peoples homes,
put the old dears in charge give them something to do they know what they are capable of and what not. Their care should be Their care, asked for by them to support them

Control = confidence = health

as for schiz/MPD they just need support to build one healthy confident reality/life

“care is the cure”

same for milder schiz forms ie depression/bi-multi-polar,

Aspergers caused by peers/people


It’s not the initial event/act/reality change that causes the problem, it is the fact that it is left unchecked for years,

not recognising aspergers/skater/nerd/nice person/shyness is causing a life time of no/limited confidence,

Confidence through skills is the education/medical system of the future,

reframing the reality change is needed,

 “the memory/reality that is stuck”

“the reality that talks the loudest”

“the flashback”

again confidence = cure

then you live in the NOW not in the PAST/FUTURE

1 reality = confidence


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Re: Adaptation disorders
« Reply #1 on: 31/01/2005 20:45:34 »

Reality change theory

Diagram [nofollow]

when reality change occurs and we loose confidence this leads us to live in multi-realities/lives,

ie, living in our past to deal with situations now because our confidence has been lost so we cannot live CREATIVELY in the NOW because we perceive we do not have the skills to live in the NOW,

we live in multi-realities until one reality takes over through ADAPTATION/learning of the system to the new perceived reality,

each reality or each different way you perceive your reality now has a chance to adapt and become the core personality when confidence is regained,

“how you acted skill wise in that reality/memory if you achieve more confidence in this new reality/way you perceive the world it becomes your core reality”

you change personality/interface to the most successful/confident reality then build this reality,

WE want to be CONFIDENT
WE want to LEARN

Reality change drives adaptation through lack of confidence.

when not fully confident you have to act at least TWO ways it is all you can do,

“a confidence problem in the system”

Bi-multi polar because you need different skills/personalities to act/exist/interact in each reality/life situation, again learn and build confidence until you resolve back to 1 reality.


In cases of extreme reality change, PTSD/abuse/rumination

DIAGRAM [nofollow]

severe schizophrenics cannot re-achieve confidence because they cannot create one core personality/reality because they are not confident

“you just can’t pick yourself up off the floor”

basically the cure is care to confidence and maintaining that confidence,

“reality building is the only cure”

confidence has to be maintained in ! reality or the person will slip back very easily, the only cure is to make schiz sufferers contented and happy in their lives,

“is the NHS ready for this?”

refusing schiz patients cures for their condition because the NHS is not there to make people HAPPY it is there to make people WELL,

well if confidence/happiness/belief in ones self is the cure what else can it cure??

Confidence is the cure as well as milder forms of schiz (depression etc)

MPD/alien hand patients suffer from having these skills/personalities identified as separate skills, to identify then as separate is short sighted to say the least!!

if the distinct personalities develop they can expand their reality over lapping other until eventually you are able to exist in all realities switching between them,

Us seeing them like different people,


A personality is a skill capable of adapting,

---- [nofollow] [nofollow]

2 ways to exist in 1 reality as before you has one way in one reality one way in another,

to identify these “skills” as separate causes MPD/Alien Hand

again confidence has to be achieved in one healthy reality and it sustained until the other identities are “re-absorbed” into the confident core personality and sustained for however long it takes,

“confidence through skills/learning is the only way”

we are capable of achieving confidence with any personality, hence the diversity of personalities on this earth,

“To achieve confidence in an unhealthy reality is what we class as insanity”

“false beliefs false reality”

This is an education problem not a medical one,

because we do not know what to believe in. we do not realise belief creates 1 reality for us if simple conditions are met, belief is achieved through skills, (not but can be religion)

confidence = belief = no disease,

after a reality change the person has to be returned to confidence as quickly as possible, the longer the realities remain unresolved/limited the harder more long term consequences can have a very negative affect on the persons entire life especially for CHILDREN,

we should stop seeing babies/children as immature,

they are unskilled people,

our job is to teach them skills they need which boils down to one


then they are quite capable of teaching themselves with guidance of course,


confidence in 1 reality when there is a shock to the perception/system (reality change) from various external patterns confidence  is lost,

“splits to many realities”

depression = multi-realities

Bi-polar = polar realities

usually confidence or switching between, but it’s more than Bi-polar it is multi-polar we just mainly see the 2 ends/extreme’s of confidence and no confidence and aren’t aware of the subtlety  in between, depending on what reality from their experience they are living in.

to deal with the situation with no confidence distinct realities form with personalities/skills as the mind adapts in these separate realities learning and building experience and confidence. this leads to a variety of different realities based around the different situations the person has to exist in,

ie work/friends/family/time-alone

we develop skills/personalities trying to function in these different situations/realities, these skills/personalities can be profoundly different depending on the lifestyle/society that the person lives in,

“double/triple/multi lives etc.”

but all these skills/personalities adapt in these realities, a continual process of learning,

we switch mode between these realities and we can build distinct personalities for each of these situations,

we do not act to our parents like we would in front of our boss or friends,

but to identify these skills/personalities/MPD/alien hand as separate is breaking up the collective of collective skills if you like,

these skills need to be pulled back in a confident state, the way to cure is to return the patient to confidence and it will just go away when they are living in one reality,

“care is the cure, care and education”

this same treatment can be used for schizophrenia


It is a reflex left over from animal behaviour under extreme threat/duress the computational paths open up to solve/compute a solution to the situation/threat

“it goes from what you do know to what you could know”

from your experience and senses at that moment in time, the many-realities quantum process is working overtime trying to compute an answer,

“to save your bacon”

hence the slowing down of time we experience during extreme change/stress/threat,

In an animal the “bounce back”  because they are aware less, although pets are very aware, also animals identify threats by smell more where we can name our threats very vividly, the consequence of havin a named language is simply the smaller number of possible names we have to identify our threats with,

“there are more smells than names/words”

plus animals tend to move away from threats where as we live in families,

“the pattern/name that hurt us is still there, our subconscious is ready for the threat again, hence why people have to eliminate the threat, KILL, to remove it, it is not evil it is purely to removed the threat pattern from our subconscious so it never happens again”

and when threats come from people/strangers it instinctively says,

“anyone could be”

a living nightmare, experience is everything literally,