how to teach your cat

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how to teach your cat
« on: 31/01/2005 15:55:34 »
or even a dog

First lesson you have to get them interested in you first, which means play, not food not cuddles, food and cuddles stay the same and food should not be used as an insentive,

“it’s like giving your child everything they want everytime you ask them to do something, it works but what do you turn them into?”

they have an instinct to learn and they are gona want to learn of the most interesting objects in their developing world,

“you become play”

they see you they should see fun, this gets their attention,

lesson two,

games, this is where you have to be clever, find out your kitties favourite  toys, what shapes/motions/textures/smells/sounds they find enticing watch what types of things they notice and incorporate them,

one thing you can guarantee  is playfull cats are curious cats,

“whats that!”

again take note of there “whats that!”

“you see that look in their eye big pupils starring almost like a tremor in their fixated eyes,”

at this point this is where your creativity comes in,

“you’ve goto think what they could be imagining there is there and play manipulate this they will create there own games”

you’ll get kitty very interested in you, you will become


no treats, and lots of praise and changes of pace they like that,

“if you have an uptight cat you need to stroke him while your playing with her to lower there anxious states through exposure,

“you should be able to stoke a cat anywhere without being savaged, in theory anyway ;)

this brings us to

“do not scare your cat”

it will never forgive you purely because you have changed your cats instincts towards you, a cat lives off it’s instincts they have no words no reason,

“you hurt them once you could hurt
them again forever2

dogs are different,

your cat will be schizophrenic to you for the rest of it’s days,

“the trust will be gone”

“never give you cat no options or it’ll take you out of the equations of there instincts”

and if you never feed them from the table and put there food out while they are out you will never

“show them the scavenge world”

“easy pickings lazy cat”

“the crow is intelligent but look at what he eats”

“learning curious playfull kitty a healthy kitty”

“this works for humans as well, autistic and none autistic babies/children included”