free live linux cd for notebooks

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free live linux cd for notebooks
« on: 30/09/2008 20:58:04 »
I have made a Linux live cd that is dedicated for notebooks or small screen laptops that you can download for free. Its just under 500mb and can be used live, burnt to cd or transferred to memory stick using UNetbootin. You can then install it if wanted.

Its based on xubuntu so its light, small and basic but you can then add the programs you want.

It has: firefox but no flash for web(you must install that your self due to license agreements), audacious for music, vlc player for video, ristretto image viewer, cheese for webcam support and Abiword word processor. Err, and that it! ;)
It don't have: Extra Language packs, some fonts, games, email client, printer libs/drivers and most of the other stuff that a normal dist has but those can be added later.

Here are some screenshots:

And here is the link to the iso:

For those that don't know a live cd does not need installing as it runs from the cd into ram and does not touch the harddrive. Networking will also work in live mode. Any work done in live mode that needs saving can be saved to a usb stick.

Try it live first and if you do decide to install then be aware that it may seem to hang at 94% but don't worry just give it 5 minutes and it will then be installed. After install shut down and reboot without the disk in.

It may be handy for some and as its linux you may do what you want with it, copy, hack, change, give it away etc.