What infertility medication options are there?

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What infertility medication options are there?
« on: 07/02/2005 17:55:45 »
 i have been trying to get pregnant now for 4 years! my gyno has told me  that i have got PCOS. I am on metformin it has been a year now since i have been taken this but have had no lck getting pregnanr. my husband has had his sperm checked and he is fine. I have had 4-5 ultra sound scan of my ovaries but my gyno was unable to see any eggs in my ovaries. My periods are irregular around  35-45 days. If my gyno cannot see any eggs in my ovaries does that mean that i  do not have any eggs and i will not be able to conceive? I have asked my  gyno  this question but she does not give me a straight answer. Please can you assist  me in this question! Can you tell me if there is any type of  medication that is  available and that i can take to help me produce eggs. I am really stressed out and i would like to know what my options  are! I await your reply
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What infertility medication options are there?
« Reply #1 on: 19/07/2008 00:57:54 »
As the condition [PCOS] hinders a proper ovulation cycle one good way of treating the condition could be by inducing ovulation with drugs like Clomid that regulate the ovulation cycle. If this doesn’t work, then a carefully monitored hormonal treatment that involves ovulation stimulating hormones is generally used. But this has to be monitored as people with this condition can develop multiple pregnancies or have ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome (OHSS). If all else fails then surgery is a good option and has shown good results [ovarian diathermy]. Surgery has shown to restore ovulation cycles and unlike medication or hormonal treatment this does not need constant or close monitoring.

See tables 1 & 2 for drugs to treat infertility in PCOS...
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