The Last Day

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The Last Day
« on: 06/10/2008 17:16:32 »

 “The Human”; the day started just like a thousand days before. The morning was beautiful, flowers bright, blazing with every color of the spectrum and beyond. Sweet fragrance, like incense filled the whole atmosphere and the warm sun rippled across the lazy world.

 “The Human”; It was peaceful and one was content to sit quietly and embrace the glory of this wonder of creation this beautiful water world like a priceless jewel a gem floating in the vastness of the void. Bathed in the warmth of the gold red dwarf sun, who was only in its middle age and could supply the world with ceaseless energy for another four billion years

 Sol the Sun; She sang and sent the sweetest music across the universe, to fellow stars even more beautiful than her. A note of distress was in her music as it vibrated far into the cosmos, deep within the bowls of her blessed water world planet, the most beautiful daughter in all the great cosmos and said to them something unusual was beginning to stir within her.

My lovely daughter still in the prime of her beauty is in deep pain and I sing this song requesting help from the greater wisdom of the universe.

What can be wrong with the blazing child of my youth?

“The Earth”, My children who walk crawl, swim and fly across the surface of my skin and the waters of my oceans are dying. I have spent four billion revolutions around my great mother Sol, experimenting, directing and all life living on my surface but something is very wrong now. Deep within the bowels of my being my great metal core has began to expand pushing upward in huge flows unlike any since my violent youth the distress of observing my long efforts I despair that loneness will embrace me again and I shall become barren and dead like my red bother

Are all my efforts of creation in vain and futile?

“The Sun Sol”; My daughter I observe that there are great cracks beginning to form deep within your surface, your lungs are blackening and your blood is polluted are the air that life must breath is poison

“The Human”; during the day that started so beautiful the birds have ceased to sing, the water ripples for an unknown reason, instead of the sounds and songs of animal life there is silence. Strangle even the wind has stopped and the only sound is the cacophony made by the devices of humans. Deep in the Amazon rain forest the Indians listen with utter unbelief the forest is silent, the trees don’t move in the wind and the greatest of all rivers have stopped. This great artery of life is clogged up and because it does not flow winter arrived elsewhere in the minds of summer.

On the great ocean floor an abyss suddenly appears and two huge continental plates collide with a force so unimaginable and colossal that the sea rises up thirty five thousand feet and fire comes out racing across the ocean to burn up the land in “The Day"

The story will continue if interest is shown

The Truth remains the Truth regardless of our beliefs or opinions the Truth is always the Truth even if we know it or do not know it (The Truth remains the Truth)