Do HSPs and SOD enzyme play an important role in temperature adaptation???

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Good day,

We know that global warming has receive increasing attention due to its effects on biological systems.
I am postgraduate students working on Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs) and Superoxide dismutase (SOD) activities too see their roles in temperature stress adaptation.

I hope we can share our knowledge in here especially for those who are aware with the effects of global warming!

Anyway, do these proteins are the sole agents in helping our biological systems to cope with stress?



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Not quiet sure I understand you question.

I think your asking are these protien Sole(singular) agents in helping our biological systems cope with stress?

Superoxide is an anti-oxident, I'm sure it assists the body somewhere.

According to the link:

"SOD is used in cosmetic products to reduce free radical damage to skin, for example to reduce fibrosis following radiation for breast cancer. Studies of this kind must be regarded as tentative, however, as there were not adequate controls in the study including a lack of randomization, double-blinding, or placebo.[30] Superoxide dismutase is known to reverse fibrosis, perhaps through reversion of myofibroblasts back to fibroblasts"
What am I doing thinking about science?

Where do you go? Yours with love JOLLY