Altered states of consciousness

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Altered states of consciousness
« on: 09/10/2008 19:01:48 »
Greetings people

Recalling experiences that I have had during extreme altered state of consciousness (not drug induced) I was aware of the intensity of colors, that blazed in living harmonious vibrations. Everything sang and I could hear and fell the caress of the sound of smell the taste of music and colors beyond present perception.

I knew then that I had never come remotely close to knowing what an almost infinite precise instrument my whole body really was. It is not only the brain that perceives reality; each cell is individual aware parts of my body. It was possible to switch to seeing with my ears, tasting with my eyes, listening with my sense of taste, smell and feel. Every atom of you physical body harmonizes together, as an intelligent member of your composite living being.

We have never learned how to utilize the amazing sensory organ that is our entire body. In this state of awareness I could stand still and hear the chirp of a billion birds which I knew was quantum particle flashing in the mind of Infinity. The birds seemed to sing the song of existence and creation and we are deaf to their beautiful song and its real meaning,in the blaring world we now exist in

People became open books to me and I had to close my mind against the cacophony of meaningless babble, until I could filter it out and hear the beauty of glorious minds all around me, both human and animal. I had to retreat in shock and horror from the dark bleakness that sometimes entered my mind. And learn to accept and embrace all that is beautiful and loving about our beautiful blue water planet and the unimaginable wonder of the universe and the super universe from out of which it was born.

My body, mind, soul and spirit as stilled my inner being to really hear, feel, see taste smell and merge with the Super consciousness, began to expand in such unimaginable exhilaration  that my finite mind and self embraced all of existence and I saw and understood everything.

My ego was gone and I could no longer separate my awareness and personality than from god himself. Indeed I had for all purposes amalgamated with and become infinite reality

In what we call our normal waking state we are nomads really sleeping in a dormant hibernating like way. But with practice one can awaken to a much greater degree than is the norm for many of us.

I have plunged the depths of darknessí, despair desolation and for anyone to tell me there is a hell worse than this in a great offence to me

But maybe we must travel through the dark valleys of utter hopeless like I did; to really relish and savor the unbelievable glory that awaits us. Before we exit this life we should have reached a place of contentment, peace and love. any wildest

I hope this little essay is of interest. This in based on actual events and experiences that are as real as your own body and mind

The Truth remains the Truth regardless of our beliefs or opinions the Truth is always the Truth even if we know it or do not know it (The Truth remains the Truth)