How do genetic algorithms work?

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How do genetic algorithms work?
« on: 11/10/2008 21:58:12 »
I'm not a computer guy, but I'm fascinated by genetic algorithms. These programs apparently can evolve rapidly toward near ideal solutions for a given computable problem. I've read that designs produced by these algorithms can be better than, although often very different from, human designs for a given set of specifications. I see this as a kind of "compressed" evolutionary process which suggests that evolution, when greatly compressed in time, looks like an intelligent process. Does anyone here know more about these remarkable programs? I'm aware of "Life" type programs and Stephen Wolfram's work with virtual computable structures, but genetic algorithms are designed to be goal oriented; solving real problems.   

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Re: How do genetic algorithms work?
« Reply #1 on: 12/10/2008 00:57:50 »
 genetic algorithms = Evolutionary computation.