Gravity and Time

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Gravity and Time
« on: 14/10/2008 14:11:08 »
I was thinking on this last night and something dawned on me. Perhaps it is something that has been in everyone else's minds all along, but... just in case.

It is telling that Einstein 'explains' gravity by referring to space-time. It struck me that gravity is the only force that we know of that is attractive only, and that  - while we're not sure why - time is, as we know it, one directional.

The dimension(s) of time, within space-time, it strikes me is fundamental to our understanding of gravity. Are the attractive only aspect of gravity, and the omni-direction of time a part of the same 'equation'?


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Gravity and Time
« Reply #1 on: 14/10/2008 20:53:23 »

I'm sorry that's not a very satisfying answer to a valid observation but I suspect it's the best you'll get atm.
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