Have you ever had this body throbbing sensation move through your back and up?

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hi ppl , i am convinced i am gonna die lol....but then again i am a big time hypo...does n e one suffer with bad anxiety? coz i do,
so this is what i suffer with and am wondering if n e one can relate....happens about 4 plus times a day with out n e warning and only lasts a few seconds or til i stand up and move around...but it happens when i sit and squat, sometimes bend over and sometimes even when i have an orgasm and what happens is, it starts in the sides of my back near my kidney area and is an intense throbbing pulsating (hard to explain) and the same pain travels up to my shoulders,back of neck and behind ears and like i said only lasts a few seconds but really worries me.
i am 26 and it all started at 7 months pregnant, my baby is now 4 weeks i smoke about 6 a day ,rarely drink and i am slightly over weight?
i was reading the thread on thunderclap headaches during orgasm...mine sounds similar but does not give me headache and only lasts a few seconds 1 min at most ,its so hard to explain lol
would love n e answers cheers ppl

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Welcome to the forum Emma and I hope someone with some medical knowledge will see your post and have some possible suggestion or answers.. .. although they cannot provide diagnosis they are all great sources of knowledge and information!

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