I am looking for a multi-notch filter compatible with Audacity.

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I am trying to remove mains hum and it's harmonics from a sound recording.

I am looking for a multi-notch filter plug-in which will work with Audacity.

If possible the depth and width of each notch should be adjustable.

Freeware or low-cost please.


(If such an Audacity-compatible plug-in does not exist then I would be interested in any free or low-cost alternatives to Audacity which have a multi-notch filter).


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If it's just for a one-off job, I recommend using Adobe Audition, rather than Audacity.  You can get a 30 day free trial, and it's an excellent programme.  It has great notch filters, a good multi-band compressor and (even better) you can edit the spectral form, allowing you to pick out specific filters with very high accuracy.

However, if you will need it in future, it's an expensive package to buy.

I'll see if I can find a plug-in filter though...

Edit - list of free VST plug-ins here:


You will need to enable VST in Audacity (just google it if needs be).  I haven't tested any of these, so you're on your own from here!
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