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Old Nick
« on: 17/02/2005 12:00:43 »
The Vatican is running a training course for exorcists. Students will also be studying psychology.

Father Giulio Savoldi, Milan's official exorcist says;  
"Because each case of possession is different, each person possessed is different. Those studying to become exorcists should also study psychology and know how to distinguish between a mental illness and a possession."

So how does a psychologist tell the difference?

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Re: Old Nick
« Reply #1 on: 17/02/2005 20:42:37 »
I read something recently about exorcism in the church of england, they reckon that most people who request an exorcism are mentally ill, and I think I remember them saying that they are also trained in psychology for the purpose of trying to determine who these people are. perhaps a psychologist couldn't tell the difference if they don't have religious faith and therefore don't believe in exorcisms? I wouldn't know how a religious psychologist would go about distinguishing between them though.