Why did my frozen blueberries get a coating of ice?

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Xenia Sibova

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Xenia Sibova  asked the Naked Scientists:

Hey Chris,
Great show, have been listening for a long time.

I put a cup of frozen blueberries in a bowl and filled it with room temperature water. Every single blueberry instantly got a coat of ice around it, when I broke the ice with my spoon, the berries inside were completely melted and squishy.

What happened and why?

thank you! keep up the great work.

Xenia (Ze-ni-ya) from Cambridge Mass, US

What do you think?


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Why did my frozen blueberries get a coating of ice?
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Blueberries are filled with sugar which will act as antifreeze, so the blueberries will melt at a temperature below zero. So if you cover them with water they will melt at -4C or -5C by stealing energy from the water which of course freezes at 0C.