What are the best methods for recycling plastics?

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Paul Anderson

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Paul Anderson  asked the Naked Scientists:

Hi Chris and team,
I haven't listened to all your podcast yet, but in case this subject hasn't been covered yet, how about an item on the best recycling systems in the UK and Europe, including electronic methods of sorting different plastics?

What do you think?


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What are the best methods for recycling plastics?
« Reply #1 on: 12/11/2008 13:27:29 »
Bury it, preferably rather deep.
It acts like a 'sink' for CO2.
And a good one too:)

It's a little like the best way of deposit nuclear waste

" One of the most dangerous components of nuclear waste is the radium isotope Ra-226.
The radioactive isotope Ra-226 is an alpha emitter and has a half-life of approximately T1/2 = 1600 years.
It has a high solubility and is readily incorporated in biological organisms.
Because of the high radioactivity and/or the comparatively long half-life of Ra-226 or other components of radioactive waste, parts of the radioactive waste may have to be safely stored for thousands of years."

Well my view is to place those waste facilities on the surface inside our towns visible to our population.
with Geiger counters visible too.

Then we will have some guarantee of them not getting forgotten.
And getting proper care.

Humans are not built for thousand year 'reichs' or plans.
Only ah, how should I put it, credulous people swallows that kind of propaganda.

So bury plastic deep.
And put nuclear waste in the cities:)
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