Donate PC Time to Solve Aids Cancer and Hunger Problems

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I was listening to the Hadron Collider Naked Scientist Podcast today and I noticed that a woman had mentioned "The Grid".  She kind of explained what it was in passing, but surpisingly didn't give any information on how to join the project.

Long story short, there is a wonderful web project called the World Community Grid, where you can donate your unused computer cpu time to solve the problems of cancer, aids and world hunger.  Apparently there are other grids out there that might help with the Hadron Collider, but I don't know details about that.  Check out

newbielink: [nonactive]

They have completed numerous super-computing challenges by spreading their computational needs across 1 million + devices. They have run the equivalent of 200,000 years of computer time without having to buy any additional equipment.

Does anyone else use this?  Would anyone be interested in joining a Naked Scientist Grid Project?