Could Claudias Sneeze Blow Me Over ? ( A Blue Whale question)

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Dearest all,

As a sheepy, I am of course a fine fan of blue whales ! Being herded by them into underwater pens is a joy of mine !

See Claudia here ?


Nice eh ?....coming to share my goldfish bowl next Tuesday !

She's a fine lass indeed !...though, she does have a cold !...Should she sneeze...could she blow me over ?

In fact..Can Claudia sneeze ?....Do ALL animals sneeze ?

I know she'll be happy with Fred & Ginger (My goldfish)..though Fred can be quite a bully !!...I do wonder if I need to order yet another container of fish flakes (yes, I know Claudia's a mammal !...I'm not that silly )

Good job Iceland are doing a bag of prawns for a 1....perhaps they do krill too !

Anyway, your olfactory orientated answers would be most welcome in the tissue paper of my answer seeking brain !

Hugs & Shmishes

mwah mwah mwah mwah !

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