What species of oil-degrading bacteria are known?

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raghav chandra

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raghav chandra  asked the Naked Scientists:

Dear Naked Scientist Team:

I was reading an article about bioremediation. I was wondering if you could tell me

- Is Streptomyces griseus a degrader of oil?
- What other known species of bioremediative bacteria are there?

Thank you for your time.

Raghav Chandra

What do you think?


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What species of oil-degrading bacteria are known?
« Reply #1 on: 26/11/2008 10:26:08 »
Human Sewage, farm manure all contain the organisms that break down oil tar residues. This can be seen on tarmac roads where potholes form in the middle from horses, sheep and cattle droppings left to eat into the hard road surface. Droppings on either side of the narrow country lanes  are dispersed by traffic so do less damage than the undisturbed manure.

The sewage pollution in the sea on the coast of Kuwait must have played an important part in the dispersal of the oil contamination during the gulf war.

This has been an argument of mine for the Oasis Irrigation Project, which uses the return ballast capacity of super crude oil carriers to transport waste water back to irrigate deserts, while at the same time cleaning out the tankers of the tar residues that build up and occupy a large ever increasing area of the tankers capacity to carry crude oil.

Andrew K Fletcher
Science is continually evolving. Nothing is set in stone. Question everything and everyone. Always consider vested interests as a reason for miss-direction. But most of all explore and find answers that you are comfortable with


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What species of oil-degrading bacteria are known?
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Go to the podcast page.
or [chapter podcast=2580 track=10.05.16/Naked_Scientists_Show_10.05.16_6280.mp3] Listen to the Answer Now[/chapter] or [download as MP3]
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