Not Knowing

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Not Knowing
« on: 06/11/2008 19:58:00 »
Putting Things In Perspective:

I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing
                                                                                 - "Socrates"

A psychological reframe about POIS and epilepsy: POIS is a condition that has not really been all that researched. It has many symptoms that fit with many different theories. Some of these theories are, high cortisol, pituitary tumors that cause prolactin imbalance(always a good one), low dopamine, hypothyroidism, glucose imbalance, epilepsy, my personal favorite...kidney chi deficiency and probably many more.

Nobody know though! Nobody.

My point is that the dispair we sometimes might feel because we think our syndrome is caused by something serious might be overkill if we don't really know what is causing it. When we get down on ourselves because we think we are sure of the causes of our POIS, and I certainly do this all the time, we are saying that we know what causes POIS. Nobody...not you...not me...not nobody, has definitive evidence(conclusive research done over time) that says "X" is the causes of POIS. POIS could just as easily be caused by something relatively minor and insignificant as something major and ominous. I'm not saying this makes POIS any less shitty. But we just don't know what causes it. It might have many causes. Hell....even for some diseases that are wide spread and common we don't really know what causes them, just look at depression. It's all a big imbalance with serotonin right....that's just one theory. There is the serotonin hypothesis, there is also the norepinephrine hypothesis...then there is one million different nutritional imbalance theories. SSRI's didn't do sh1t for me. Hell maybe they are a cause of POIS, wouldn't surprise me. Also, just look at the symptoms of depression. Pretty common across the bored with some differences here and there, but there might be different causes. Who knows?

So it is with POIS. The only thing that really makes sense is to be a POIS agnostics (non-knower) until we get conclusive evidence about what POIS is caused by. I'm not saying stop our search...that would be dumb. I'm saying continue our search but apply certainty when it is warrented. Certainty comes with proof and lots of it.

There are some really good theories about POIS that seem to interlock with one another...specifically those theories having to to with the hypothalamic, pituitary, adrenal axis and things that effect it...remedies that effect it... like relora, fungreek and oxytocin synergists(levitra, loving thoughts and massage included:)

I think our hypothesizing is good and we should continue our experimentation with what we have found to work so far without becoming to attached to a theory until we have strong evidence. Relora, has worked for some, levitra has worked for some, fenugreek has worked for some. The operation of these compounds is most likely what will lead us to definitive theories...but in the spirit of this post, i don't really know that either. POIS could be just as easily caused by epilepsy. If that were the case I could accept it. But I will not accept such a premise without 1)Having proof that POIS can be caused by epilepsy and 2)Having proof that the POIS I experience is caused by epilepsy. These are two pretty big criteria to meet....for any prospective causes of POIS.


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Not Knowing
« Reply #1 on: 06/11/2008 21:52:36 »
Chewbacca, great summary of State-Of-The-POIS!. It Reminds me of Bill Maher's movie "Religulous" where he says "I belong to the I-don't-know team". It's so easy to claim to "know" the truth about POIS, yet fact is, we know diddly at this stage. Yet, for me, the mere existence of this forum and some positive results is light years ahead of where I was just 2 years ago!
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Not Knowing
« Reply #2 on: 08/11/2008 17:38:58 »
Can we keep the POIS material to the POIS thread please?

I'll lock this thread for now but do please considering cutting and pasting the content to the correc thread. Thanks

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