Is lactic acid potentially harmful to tissue?

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Is lactic acid potentially harmful to tissue?
« on: 10/11/2008 21:29:44 »
I understand that lactic acid is a by produce of anaerobic respiration (without the presence of O2) and that in the presence of 02 it gets converted into pyruvic acid. In patients who suffer from PVD a resultant symptom is intermittent claudication pain, eleviated apon rest. As a result I would think that lactic acid is detrimental resulting in reduced tissue pH which causes pain is that so the case with pyruvic acid? Why does prolonged physical activity result in muscular pain?
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Re: Is lactic acid potentially harmful to tissue?
« Reply #1 on: 11/11/2008 19:30:37 »
Lactic acid build-up results in muscle stiffness, not pain. Dehydration combined with lactic acid build-up can result in cramping and sudden spasmodic cramps can definitely cause pain, often from the tissue disruption caused by the physical force impinging on the tissue. To the degree of causing free blood to appear as if a bruise was caused like in a blow to a muscle.
Claudication results from decreased bloodflow and is more associated with vascular disease than with exercise induced effects such as lactic acid production.