GBM -Glioblastoma Multiforme -GRADE 4

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GBM -Glioblastoma Multiforme -GRADE 4
« on: 27/02/2005 12:54:45 »
I am writing to you from England in the hope that you can direct me to some treatment that may result in prolonging my brothers life. You can see my dilemma that not being in Ireland I am at the excellent disposition of the medical care in Ireland.

Very brief history:
He was diagnosed with a GBM(grade 4) in the spine last August and as a result was operated on immediately. Due to the location within the spine (12th vertebrae) this was purely a debulking exercise.
Most of the information to date on GBM is related to the brain. Fearing that this was secondary an MRI of the brain and resulting biopsy showed that this was the primary tumour. A very rare case not only in Ireland but it seems elsewhere as well.

He commenced treatment Radiotherapy and Chemo. 30 Sessions of Radio and 4 supporting sessions of Chemo. from Oct to Dec 7.

From Dec 21st I have seen a deterioration of his well being with increasing bowel and bladder problems along with an increased lack of mobility.

Last week 21st he had another MRI(first since before intervention -Oct 1 ) which showed that the tumour had grown 2CM in length.

Since further Radiotherapy and debulking is ruled out, I fear that additional Chemotherapy will only interfere with his quality of life.

Are you aware of any treatment or clinical trials that are being conducted or another expert in your field that could advise or assist?

I am desperate!!!!!