What are the different types of muscle fibres ?

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What are the different types of muscle fibres ?
« on: 27/02/2005 16:38:18 »
I was wondering if someone could give me somemore information about muscle fibre types. Until recently i was under the impression that there were only 3 fibre types, type 1 type 2A & type 2B. I have since found that there are others but i am finding it difficult to find out much information about them

Type 1 (slow oxidative) Red fibres containing lots of myoglobin & mitocondria, a good blood supply are very fatigue resistant

Type 2 a (fast oxidative glycolytic) pink fibres containing myoglobin & mitocondria, a good blood supply and are fairly fatigue resistant often brought into use when reaching around 80-90% of M.H.R (or the point at which type 1 fibres cant cope) to aid Type 1 fibres or brought into use to aid type 2 b fibres when they cant cope with the resistance alone.

Type 2b (fast glycolytic) white fibres containing less myoglobin & mitocondria have a redused blood supply and fatigue quickly

Type 2C are more oxidative than 2A or 2B (humans only have around 0.5%, birds have a much higher %) yet are more fatigueable and have more anerobic properties, suposivly used to assist type 2b (weird since they are more oxidative???)

Type 2AB are an intermediate fibre (does this mean they can permantently change into another type ? are they growing fibres? or are they similar in charteristics to 2A?)

After searching the internet for a couple of hours this is all the information i have been able to dig out, with some sources contradicting each others. If anyone can provide any more information or correct any mistakes i have made in the above please do so as i find this very interesting and want to get to the bottom of it.