Newtons's 3rd law question

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Newtons's 3rd law question
« on: 17/11/2008 17:07:54 »
Suppose that 2 Sumo wrestlers are squaring off.  The stronger is pushing on the weaker and is accelerating the weaker wrestler backward.  My question is why does the weaker wrestler accelerate backward if he, by Newton's 3rd law, is pushing back onto the stronger wrestler with equal and opposite force as the stronger wrestler?



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Newtons's 3rd law question
« Reply #1 on: 17/11/2008 19:03:27 »
the stronger IS subject to equal and opposite forces the difference in result is likely to be the relative balance positions or weight of the two wrestlers.
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Newtons's 3rd law question
« Reply #2 on: 18/11/2008 09:53:31 »
If they are both on ice, they will both travel backwards - the lighter one will move back faster.
Momentum is conserved.
Mass times velocity in each direction are the same.