Why doesn't the moon have a magnetic field?

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Mark Aguilar

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Why doesn't the moon have a magnetic field?
« on: 22/11/2008 18:14:18 »
Mark Aguilar  asked the Naked Scientists:

I have heard that our moon was created when it struck the earth billions of years ago.  It was also said that the trajectory of the moon had caused the Earth's rotation.

Is this true and if so then why doesn't the moon rotate and why doesn't the moon have a magnetic field? Can you explain why the Earth still rotates billions of years later?


- Mark from Forney Texas USA

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Why doesn't the moon have a magnetic field?
« Reply #1 on: 22/11/2008 21:00:47 »
 It does still rotate . It has over time gradually slowed down due to tidal action to the point where it is at now where its speed of rotation is such that it shows us the same face all the time. If the moon didn't turn it wouldn't show us the same side all the time.

The magnetic field of the moon is very week compared to the earth as it doesn't have a molten core like the earths .

During the collision it is believed that most of the heavy elements like iron transferred to the larger body which became the earth whilst the moon came together from the lighter stuff thrown out.

Others will come along with a more detailed explanation. [;)]