Niels Bohr's Hair Color

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Niels Bohr's Hair Color
« on: 23/11/2008 16:47:50 »
Does any one know the color of Niels Bohr's hair and eyes? I am trying to have "bobbleheads" made of all of the Scientist who participated in the 5th Solvey conference for my wife. She has a passion for quantum physics.

(shawn at

Eventually, I will need pictures, hair color, eye color and clothing suggestions for;
Niels Bohr
Max Planck
Louis de Broglie,
W. Heisenberg
E. Schrödinger
W. Pauli,
Max Born,
A.H. Compton,
P.A.M. Dirac,
H.A. Lorentz,
I. Langmuir,
P. Debye,
David Bohm,
John Bell