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« on: 26/11/2008 04:45:46 »
October 26, 2008

A unified theory that explains every thing in the universe is the goal and ambition of the scientific world. My research has been greatly productive in this area. I have managed to create a stable working theory that shows the universe was designed by order. In that the order of a singularity of deterministic quantum physics is the order.
It is so noted that once this argument is pledged the observation evidence will support and move past the post automatically.

All basic formulas that govern known laws are seen in direct placement of upholding the physical boundaries they support. Each law has a universe of it’s own with a fail safe built in to warrant its importance in the family of universal laws. Giving the universal laws must obey the order of the singularity before the universal time was set.

Past universal time is given a luxury of existing along a gamete of detectable particles and wavelengths of light and sound. To cancel out sound in a vacuum would mean that the law that split the sound wave from the vibration has no peak or fall and no progress in time. This is not true the vibration will push and pull while effecting vacuum gravity like quantum radiation.

Universal time is governed by Celestial oversight and the singularity is the origin of constant intervention and precise order. Einstein was right God doses not play dice. Observation is the only way this statement could be true and with that we would have had to visit and observe the singularity first hand. Outside the mathematical equations that would allow such a test a witness must make the journey without boundaries of friction.

Once the singularity is in sight information is exchanged as to the observer being aware that witnessing such order will transpose the soul of the observer in a twinkling of an eye. The law of balance will automatically give the observer intellectual entropy. To gaze upon such a universe will qualify supernatural beings to exist and moreover be at the center of the worlds that came forth.

A mathematical equation has produced a boundary less universe as a singularity. This universe is the blueprint of the original celestial singularity that developed into the universe known today. This universe is flawless in that it works flawlessly. To understand what is being said here means that a fundamental challenge has been met.
In this universe the only thing moving is the singularity it moves through the entire universe with its gravitational footprint strongly defined. The first test was integrity four-dimensional to be precise.
A device was manufactured by making four identical clones of the universe. Then the four dimensions make up the device by aligning two below and two above. Once this was done a three-degree rotation left or right exposed the singularity on either side with no boundary restriction.

The singularity can be moved in any direction at any speed and the device works flawless. Upon a closer observation of the singularity the positions of the singularity revealed that gravity and light showed the past and the future simultaneously. At first glance at the singularity the idea of a black hole comes to mind and as the event horizon is located the observer sees gravity and light being taken into the center of the singularity this is very important because if light and gravity is being taken in and this is a black hole then information is also being taken into it. The question is where is it going?

The question was answered by looking at the device. The device was set up and operated within four-dimensional space-time. The operation revealed the perfect singularity curving space and time. If information was also being generated along with space-time then the singularity is storing information or retrieving information from somewhere. Upon closer examination of the device the conclusion was that there were four more dimensions to the device. By flipping the top two clones and aligning them as a mirror opposite the bottom two clones exposed the other four dimensions.

Once square alignment of the four clones was done the device worked just as flawless as before. A new observation was being generated the singularity became a place in time. A familiar Being was looking at you and you were looking at the Being. Then the device showed a very complex order around the Being. The Being is like a photo captured by a high-speed exposure. Then the devise alignment was shifted slightly to the left and the exposure revealed chronological history with each slight shift. The universe unfolded and more beings were observed and also a complex beauty was revealed.
The conclusion of this paper is that a formula has proven the M theory to be correct because the device has physically eight dimensions and three dimensions of celestial order.