Will There Be Bubbles If Fizzy Pop Is Opened In The Same Pressure ?

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Dear Fizzy Popologists.

As a sheepy I of course enjoy slurping on fizzy pop all day and all night !

I also luff doing bottom burps and as a sheepy my bottom burps are fluffy bubbles filled with sparkling fairy fart dust !

Look, here’s a bottle of a fizzy pop that has been opened after it has been shaken !


Nice eh ?

But lets say I opened that bottle in a room which had the same amount of pressure that was inside the bottle. Would it still fizz out like it has in the piccy ?

I just don’t know…do ewe ?

Thanks ewe for your fizzy orientated bubbly answers.

Mwah mwah mwah mwah

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If the room were full of CO2 at that pressure, nothing would happen. You would get some CO2 coming out of solution if it was full of air but it would not bubble very fast.