Why are some people sensitive to certain foods?

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Why are some people sensitive to certain foods?
« on: 11/12/2008 22:40:02 »
I've been wondering about this for some time now.
I react negatively to some food stuffs, it's stomach trouble when I eat raw onions, I burp like crazy when I eat cucumbers, strong bowel movements and flatulences after eating cashews and peppers, I'm mildly lactose intolerant too, drinking a glass of milk will get me to the toilet for sure [::)] having a latte macchiato is no problem though *phew*

Most of the time I avoid those, but I love cucumbers, cashews and peppers, so I eat them anyway. Now I wonder, if this might do any harm to my intestines and stomach.

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Re: Why are some people sensitive to certain foods?
« Reply #1 on: 12/12/2008 08:27:28 »
Interesting question.

You would think that continued exposure to foods which you have an intolerance to would gradually build the tolerance level. However, I think there is some evidence suggested that intolerance can actually increase with continued exposure. I know this can happen with Bee/Wasp stings, where a single sting can have only the expected reaction, but a subsequent sting can result in Anaphylaxis. Whether this would apply to food intolerance will be interesting to see.

Hopefully someone with allergy knowledge will be able to supply a good answer.
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