How much force would it take to rupture the heart?

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I was wondering if you could tell me how much of force it would take to rupture the heart. Would you please put it in a context of such that it would help me relate to the force, like: the same amount of force it would take to do x for instance.

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How much force would it take to rupture the heart?
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Acceleration can reach 1,200 g during 60-mph collisions. Oldegard and Wernan measured a force of 290 g at
the left shoulder in 38-mph collisions. This more moderate collision produces a force of 198,000 N in a
normal-sized adult. Although some of the force is absorbed by the compliance in the chest wall and compression
of the aorta containing a fluid under pressure, this force exceeds by almost 10 times the force required
to split an aorta in our experiment.
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