How sands from different places vary

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How sands from different places vary
« on: 05/04/2005 00:27:57 »
Amanda's parent has saved some beach sand from a vacationthey took to Oslo, Norway.

Jamica's uncle sent her some sand he collected from the side of a stream high on Mt.Kilimanjaro.
Ricky's family visited Death Valley in California, and he kept some of sand from his shoes after he took a hike through the dunes.

Visualize the three sources of the sand and the sand itself. write a description of the sand each student had.


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Re: How sands from different places vary
« Reply #1 on: 05/04/2005 12:27:49 »
Think about:
 how much energy the collisions are going to have had, and how this will affect the shape and surface of the grains.
how long it is going to have been battered, and the affect on the shape of the grains and the minerals that are still sand sized.