Do all animals bury their waste?

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Do all animals bury their waste?
« on: 24/01/2009 23:55:28 »
Josh Kwekel  asked the Naked Scientists:
   I have a question.
I just recently acquired two kittens as pets (with my wife) and I'm wondering if all cats (lions and tigers (and bears, oh my!)) bury their "poo" in the dirt? Are there other kinds of animals that "cover up" their own excrement with such care?


Josh Kwekel
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What do you think?
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Do all animals bury their waste?
« Reply #1 on: 17/12/2009 08:38:18 »
Some nesting and other animals will remove waste from the proximity of the nest or at least bury or scatter it, not simply for the purpose of cleanliness and health, but also to avoid attracting unwanted attention to themselves and/or their nest. These are most likely to be the region's prey animals. The predominant predators are more likely to use it as a territorial marker, to warn the neighbours, I live here, this is my land, trespassers will be attacked.
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