Can gradualism explain all tectonic secrets?

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Can gradualism explain all tectonic secrets?
« on: 18/01/2009 10:28:19 »
Can gradualism explain all tectonic secrets?
My answer is – NO!

Gradualism is best for explanation almost all geological processes within peaceful periods only. I don’t have any problem to the gradualism within peaceful periods (between global geo-catastrophes).
Each geologist knows that on the geological timescale are a lot of very short periods of extinctions. Which forces are producers of these global or the basin-extinctions?
The mid-ocean ridges are source of embryonic crust and subduction zones are places of melting of these crusts after for hundreds of millions years. This is cyclic process – from formation zones to the melting places and will not be ever ceased without influence of other  forces. Recycling of thin lithosphere slabs will continue for billions of years without influence other forces. Continental platforms can change the hemispheres few times for billions of years. Could slowly movement (drift) ever form thick continental platforms or the high mountain chains? -NO! I have best proof! Global interaction between thick lithosphere platforms can not create mountains chains. It creates separation movement of the small parts from thick continental platforms only.
First example is San-Andres. There is no discovery about formation new mountains or chains along the San-Andres. We can observe the separation movement only formed by global interaction and drift all thin and thick lithosphere platforms.
Second example is horn of the Africa. Global interaction of the all platforms creates very slowly separation of the “Horn”. Huge rift valley along of the large fissure is seen from a spacecraft. Please look attentively on the image of the spacecraft in the link. There is not the place for formation of mountain chains.
Thus, how the thick continental platforms and mountain chains were formed? Gradualism has not right answer on these questions. Answer on the questions has catastrophic plate tectonics only. proof in the link;
Clue for catastrophic plate tectonics is in the EB geo-transfer only.
1.   Slowly EB geo-transfers can form basin-extinction (partially extinction). It forms penetration of outer nucleus masses into asthenosphere, global oscillation within few days of the whole crust and global readjustment of isostatic balance between thin and thick lithosphere platforms.
2.   Rapid EB geo-transfers can form global extinctions of the species after giant asteroid impact. The impact can rapidly destroy balance of inner geo-spheres. Rapid EB outflow and catastrophic global interaction between all platforms, subduction and obduction of all destroyed lithosphere tiles creates new thick platforms and huge folding – rugosity creates new mountain chains. (global collision of thin and thick plates, slabs and platforms). The global collision and destroy of the crust 65,5mya was reason of the K/T boundary and closely connected to the the Alpine–Himalayan orogeny.  geotectonic environments made by inner huge geo-forces produced the Tethyan Eurasian Metallogenic Belt. Violent ejection in the asthenosphere the outer nucleus streams which have abundance by heavy metals are reason of all metallogenic epochs and Metallogenic Belts.
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