Can you think without 'sounding' your thoughts 'inside' as you think?

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...although people may find some tasks are more suited to their thinking style than others.
Hence my wife always beating me in scrabble!


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You must be able to think without sounding the words inside your head. You do all the time when you speak to someone for normally you do not rehearse what you are going to say first you just say it, unless you have to wait until the other has finished talking. Unless or course, like I do sometimes, speak without thinking at all! In either case the question is how do thoughts get translated into words at the instant you speak? If thinking requires sounding the words inside one head then your thoughts have to be limited to the words you know! And James Joyce couldn't have written Ulysses or was it Samual Becket, which everone wrote that unreadable book of non words? There i have writtenthis without hardly anything inside my head at all.