Is champagne 'inhaled'?

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David Walwyn

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Is champagne 'inhaled'?
« on: 29/01/2009 22:30:01 »
David Walwyn asked the Naked Scientists:
I have just listened to the podcast of the 22nd Dec with the insert on champagne .... I have always wondered about the reason for the obviously more intoxicating effect of any fizzy alcoholic drink, including champagne.  

The effect is enhanced if you shake the drink with your hand over the top of the glass beforehand and then rapidly consume the foam.  

The small/large intestine explanation is not very convincing considering all the evidence ... it is much more likely that the alcohol fizz carries alcohol vapour into the nasal membranes where it is more rapidly absorbed into the blood and across the blood brain barrier.  Perhaps this could be described as 'snorting' alcohol.

What about getting another opinion on the matter?

What do you think?