Why does excitement make me sneeze?

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Why does excitement make me sneeze?
« on: 23/02/2009 03:20:02 »
i have noticed throughout my life, a strange occurrence that i have yet to figure out.  when i am excited (i.e. sexually aroused, thinking of something that makes me happy, feeling like someone loves me, being told I'm loved in such a way that i know it to be true, etc etc etc) i tend to sneeze. sometimes, depending on the varying degree of excitement i am experiencing, i will sneeze more than once.  i have read about how dogs sneeze when their owners come home, so excited that they just...explode, but do you suppose it is a normal occurrence for a human to be having? i have tried studying it but it seems the internet has no insight into this puzzling dilemma, what can you all tell me? any help?
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Re: Why does excitement make me sneeze?
« Reply #1 on: 23/02/2009 03:31:30 »
We describe a hitherto under-recognized curious response in some individuals: of sneezing in response either to sexual ideation or in response to orgasm. Our review suggests that it may be much more common than expected. We surmise that an indiscrete stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system may be an underlying mechanism to explain this and other reported unusual triggers of sneezing.
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