What causes Left Temporal Lobe Dysfunction?

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What causes Left Temporal Lobe Dysfunction?
« on: 23/02/2009 22:30:03 »
Lyn  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hello Dr Smith,
I was diagnosed with Left Temporal Lobe Dysfunction, at the age 30yrs - I understand that depression, is its symptom.  I have major chronic depression, which is very well controlled with Depramil. I am now 50 yrs.

What I would like to know, what cause LTLD.  I was told trauma.  Please could you explain how seretonin is decreased.  Also I have epilepsy, which is a terrible experience.  Also told that this is a symptom.

Very complex to understand.  Is there a stage of out growing to the extent of being totally weined off Epitec and Depramil.

Medical Aid does not recognise LTLD as a Chronic medicinal need.

Thanking you for your kind

What do you think?


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What causes Left Temporal Lobe Dysfunction?
« Reply #1 on: 01/03/2009 15:51:05 »
It depends on whom you trust. To define psychological damage to physiological areas of the brain is mostly done by Psychiatrists and to define it to psychological traumas is mostly done by Psychologists.

It also differs in 'defining' and methodology from country to country.
It is in other words a rather 'subjective' field of 'science'.

I would say that your epilepsy is reason enough to be depressed, especcially if it is 'grand Mal' http://hcd2.bupa.co.uk/fact_sheets/html/epilepsy.html and http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/grand-mal-seizure/DS00222

Your epilepsy should be recognized by 'Medical Aid' at least.
As for you medication, read up on it so that you know what side effects it might have. http://www.iguard.org/drugs/depramil.html

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