Does fish contain enough iodine to stay healthy?

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Paul Anderson

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Does fish contain enough iodine to stay healthy?
« on: 23/02/2009 23:30:02 »
Paul Anderson  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi Chris and team,
Years ago a pharmacist  friend told me that by having fish on Fridays the Catholics ensured they got adequate iodine for their thyroids.
What comment do you have on that?

What do you think?


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Does fish contain enough iodine to stay healthy?
« Reply #1 on: 24/02/2009 19:31:06 »
It's an interesting idea. Fish certainly do contain significant iodine. I have also heard that the suposed aphrodisiac properties of oysters might have originated from the fact that without iodine you got hypothyroidism and that, (how to put this politely?), tempered your enthusiasm. Oysters have a relatively high iodine content.

On the other hand I have heard that the "Good Catholics eat fish on Fridays" was a political invention in the UK  (Queeen Elizibeth (I) if I remember rightly) to bolster the fishing industry.

Do Catholics in the non English speaking bits of the world traditionally eat fish on Fridays?
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