Removing IE8

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Removing IE8
« on: 09/03/2009 19:01:46 »
Any wishing to remove IE8 or any other unwanted feature of windows 7-7048 can now use this procedure

Enter the Control Panel and look at All Control Panel Option's
Click Programs and Feature's
In the left sidebar, click Turn Windows Features On or Off (you will be thrown a UAC prompt if you elevated UAC)
Wait for the list to load.
Look for Internet Explorer 8 in the list and unchecked it.
Click OK. You will see a prompt notifying you of a reboot.
The machine will reboot once, configure things, and reboot again.


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Removing IE8
« Reply #1 on: 09/03/2009 21:53:39 »
I just renamed it  [:D]
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