Tesla Coil Application

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Tesla Coil Application
« on: 12/03/2009 20:57:27 »
I've been doing some research regarding the tesla coil, and am wodnering if it is not possible to use wireless transfer of energy to charge gold which has formed polar bonds with other minerals such as mallite and otehr silcates? It would seem that the only practicle application for a tesla coil would be one that produced money, and would it not be nice if it was as simple as taking a charge rod and having the gold collect.

What I'm really wanting to get at, is what would it take as far as a coil to get such results? And could it be done using available resources and simple oxidation to create such a device?


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Tesla Coil Application
« Reply #1 on: 16/03/2009 09:56:41 »
Best suggession

   you can use microwave for transformation of energy !!! it's coool, why are you taking risk