Why ignorance, apathy, and irresponsibility?

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Why ignorance, apathy, and irresponsibility?
« on: 14/03/2009 18:43:55 »
Ignorance, apathy, and irresponsibility

I claim that the citizens of the US (and probably most other Western style democracies) cannot continue with the level of apathy, ignorance, and irresponsibility that has been the condition with past generations.  Technology and population conditions demand that the citizens of democracies must become more intellectually sophisticated if we hope for the species to survive beyond the next 200 years.

I think that a cursory examination of the twentieth century and our present conflict with what are labeled as terrorists dictate that we can no longer afford the luxury of the apathetic slumber that is characteristic of today’s citizens.

I also think that we can no longer afford to indulge in the very long incubation period that our species provides to the young.  It is not unusual for youth today to remain less than responsible adults well beyond their twentieth year.

The inertia of the present customs and culture make it almost impossible for these changes to take place from the top down.  I think that if drastic change is to take place it rests upon the new generations to force that change. 

Young people can do this by quickly becoming more self-reliant, courageous, and enlightened citizens.  They can do this through the development of a hobby that I call self-actualizing self-learning.  They can do this by quickly becoming more intellectually sophisticated.  All of this requires a larger dose of curiosity and caring.