Atoms and there power !!!

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Atoms and there power !!!
« on: 20/03/2009 07:00:20 »
   When i was reading organic chemistry i got an idea!

        The imagined that atoms as a no of orbitals.....     
 see when an losses the electron Energy is released.. When the enerhy is released the orbit breaks.. when these happes the orbit again re-arange itself and search for an electron, due to the increase in nuclear charge. The orbit start expanding and then break and settle as the cloud.....

    Consider the atom lossess all it's electrons and then it will be unstable and also such type of atom is not found...     

  can we use such type of atoms for organic....

  I just imagined please don't scould me... If i said any wrong please....


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Atoms and there power !!!
« Reply #1 on: 20/03/2009 15:34:22 »
An atom with too few electrons can exist; we call them ions. A hydrogen atom with no electron is a proton.