Cup o'tea

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Cup o'tea
« on: 04/04/2009 03:12:09 »
Oliver "Olly" Steeds: (Narrating) Mark & I have been trying to learn Machigenga ways, but it has proven harder than we thought.  One thing I think might help is sharing a bit of my culture.  Sense I've been here I've had to eat everything: from monkey hands to dragonfly larva.  So, it's my turn to try the guys out on something they don't know... And what could be more British than a good ol' cup o'tea? 

Oliver "Olly" Steeds: (Speaking to three of the male Machigenga tribesmen) I brought a couple of tea bags with me.  These are the last two.  So I'll take it off the boil now that the water's boiling, and we chuck in these tea bags.  These are my favorite "Earl Grey."

--The tribesmen smell the Earl Grey tea bags and enjoy it's scent.  They all say "Porchee" ("Smells very good") repeatedly. --

Oliver "Olly" Steeds: (Speaking to the men) It's the bergamot, delicious.  It's the taste of home for me.

Oliver "Olly" Steeds: (Narrating) Ekkar wants to know if this is some kind of the "White Man's Magic."

Ekkar: Tell me, what is this good for?  Does it make you stronger?

Oliver "Olly" Steeds: (Speaking to the men) Some tea is meant to invigorate you, to wake you up.  And other tea helps your stomach digest food.  Whenever I'm home I have a nice cup o'tea and it puts the world to right.  So, whatever's going wrong it is tradition to have a nice cup o'tea and everything will be fine.
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