A question regarding copy and pasting into Google Calendar !

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I use Google calendar a lot...a real lot. I really love it...especially the fact that it sends ewe text messages too (for free) to remind ewe of your events.

Say I want to enter an address that has been sent to me in an email and the format is thus:

Dear Geeza,

Here's my address !

Her Royal Maj
Buck House


If I copy and and then paste that address into a Google Calender event here...


It only pastes the first line ie: Her Royal Maj.....why's that then ?

If I want to paste the whole address the format of copying will only be successful if it's copied when it's like this

Her Royal Maj,Buck House,London,SW1A 1AA

Whys's that then ?


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A question regarding copy and pasting into Google Calendar !
« Reply #1 on: 06/04/2009 01:42:07 »
Its simply the "standard behavior" of a single line text field.
I think you will find that only the first line pastes into one,
and the others are lost.
Its an easy way of not generating an error in computing(any GUI platform or architecture) by simply ignoring the platform newline character and everything after it because it is a single line GUI device.

The data would be required to be sorted through before being actually accepted for display in the single line GUI device(single line form field).

# e.g. in no particular language
#context menu click (on paste data) then
nufink = "";
long = 0;
while((long = data.characterIsLineCheck)!= -1){
} // end wiles