A Tachyon Incongruity

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A Tachyon Incongruity
« on: 09/04/2009 23:22:49 »
Can you solve my paradox?


Good luck, because i can't. The only way it seems it could be answered, is by saying tachyons don't exist, but i love the idea of tachyonic matter, so i am very biased.

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A Tachyon Incongruity
« Reply #1 on: 10/04/2009 14:42:14 »
Let me see if I understood it?
You are questioning how 'possible' tachyons can be 'entangled' as they don't have any speed limits? One answer might be as entanglement is said to be instantaneous it has nothing to do with 'speed' at all. And the reason that this would be applicable is like Dmitry67 points out. They doesn't transfer 'information'.
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A Tachyon Incongruity
« Reply #2 on: 10/04/2009 15:12:31 »
Can you please re-state the question here (rather than referring to another site) so that we can see the responses in line with the original question.


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