compressed gasses for valve testing.

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compressed gasses for valve testing.
« on: 20/04/2009 17:44:47 »
Hello smart people.
I need a good compressed gas to use for some valve and flow testing. It needs to be visible from 50 meters away and not expensive. something inert that doesn't dissapate to quickly. I'm really wanting something sort of smoke'ish. any help would be huge.
thanks.I know co2 will work, but is it my best choice? I need to be able to see a good plume of gas for video sake. thats why i was hoping for something smokey.
please help
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compressed gasses for valve testing.
« Reply #1 on: 12/06/2009 05:06:33 »
You need to fasten a tube in front of the gas outlet to the outlet tube at just under right angle, and the tube you attach should be attached to a "colour smoke generators' outlet".
Its a technique known as "Venturi effect".
Ask around in theatre e.t.c. line stores(or theatres arts) where you can get a colour smoke generator.

co2 is more available in an industrial gas bottle than compressed air. However, if you intend to generate smoke by burning a fuel, CO2 is is your better for safety reasons, but do not do that in a confined area, caution is used inclusive with fire extinguishers that operate with CO2.
Air will fuel a fire as you well would realise so a compressor and its hoses would be dangerous if the connections and directing of the nozzle are not safely fastened.
Old engine oil(sump oil) burns smokey.