Are human cloning experiments actually secretly underway?

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I was recently watching the news and they reported of a doctor who was practicing cloning. So far, all people implanted have had miscarrages. But the doctor said its only a matter of time for a woman to be able to carry a cloned human being full term.

A doctor called Panayiotis Zavos has transferred cloned human embryos into the wombs of four women. Dr Zavos claimed in an interview with The Independent that he had created 14 cloned human embryos and transferred 11 of them into the wombs of the four women, who wanted to give birth to cloned babies.

This is very scary and frightening.this doctor should be arrested

This is very worrying as it is only a matter of time before Hitkler will be cloned.

Although Hitler cloning has been discussed before it was not realistic but this development brings it nearer to reality.

Also something people have failed to realize if you can clone 1 Hitler why not clone 10,000 Hitlers or 10 million Hitlers or even a super army of Hitlers?

The Aryan Brotherhood and other white supramists are desperate to clone Hitler as it would lead to a massive rise in their membership and Nazism would rise like a phonenix from the flame in Europe and in America the Ku Kluc Klan, to again cause a massive race war between whites and blacks leading to a world war fought with nukes.

As the white race has vastly more nukes and blacks hardly any it would be a massive victory for Nazism.Also the blacks in White countrys would not fit and would be enslaved again or killed.
The remaining blacks having no recourse would then fight a gureilla war against whites.

The British BNP leader Peter Griffen is already in Europe wanting to call British Asians foreign racials.

The KKK will rise and takeover America killing all non-whites..this will mean a massive civil war as white kill blacks kill whites and the inbetween chinese kill every one.

This would mean African Americans would be called foreign racials too.

Nazis on your doorstep dragging you to the gas chambers again.also disbled people and anyone outside the perfect Aryan Perfection Range will also be gassed in the Aryan world.

I am white by the way and very concerned how things will get even worse from these dangerous scientists on the loose.
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Re: Are human cloning experiments actually secretly underway?
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This is not science - it is squawking mad idiocy.

Was the Ku Kluc Klan a group of sheet wearing chickens?

This sounds a bit like NSM, and today's logical fallacy is the slippery slope.
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Re: Are human cloning experiments actually secretly underway?
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Cloning Hitler - what a ridiculous notion.

You do realise that cloning a person does not include cloning the ideologies they developed throughout life?

I think you may have got the wrong idea entirely about cloning, and for some reason have latched it onto an issue to do with race.

What do you think are Dr Zavos's reasons for researching cloning?


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Re: Are human cloning experiments actually secretly underway?
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Remember, Hitler didn't want to improve the human race: he was only concerned about the Aryan race.
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Re: Are human cloning experiments actually secretly underway?
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I watched the documentary too, and despite it being a little dumbed down I actually found it quite fascinating.
As much as I would perhaps like to disagree with Dr Zavos work, from a scientific view I reallt can't, the advances in technology gained willbe of great advantage to medicine. He is a long way off getting a cloned embryo to develope past the blastocyst stage and develop into a person, at the moment I think his record for using a cow donor shell was 64 cells, a blastocyst is 100+ cells. I would also like to correct  the poster when he says the women have had miscarriages, they have nothad miscarriages, the embryos failed to implant, which is one of the stumblingblocks of all IVF work, not just cloning. Some of the emryos have not survived the thawing process, another problem common with IVF.There is also speculation on how the mitrochondrial DNA of a cow shell would affect an embryo, whether it would or wouldn't I haven't managed to figure it out myself yet,I dont think anyone can be 100% sure it would not have an adverse affect.
My greatest concern is the participants that Dr Zavos is using, some do fit reasonable criteria, but many seem to be the ones who can offer the most money, including a woman who wanted a clone of herself,but she was in her 50's and needed a surrogate to carry the baby, and another women who wanted to be impregnated with a cloned DNA embryo of her dead daughter.  [:o] I think Dr Zavos is doing it for entirely the wrong reasons, his websites states its all about being the first to do something, which hs has been in many areas of cloning. However he isn't the only Doctor to be working on cloning, there are many more who do it covertly because of the controversy it causes.